Lee Stewart

1770 Mass Ave #178 Cambridge, MA 02140 US
cell +1 (617) 899-4362 http://StripedCow.com

» Summary

Accomplished software developer with in-depth knowledge of PHP and RESTful web services. Critical thinker with a proven ability to analyze business requirements and deliver innovative solutions that are reliable, scalable, and maintainable. Adaptive, with a talent for picking the right technology to fit requirements and a history of success as both an independent developer and a member of a team. Successful strategist with an eye for maximizing business value and minimizing maintenance costs by building systems that are well designed, well documented, and reusable for meeting long-term as well as short-term goals.

» Experience


StripedCow Technology Group, Inc.

Cambridge, NY
2000 - Present

Performed contract development for several international clients, including Microsoft, nellymoser, and Hull Creative Group. Architect of solutions, working closely with the client, within their timeframe and server requirements. Coding included all major server-side technologies; PHP, ASP, JSP, and C++ CGI. Worked with major databases, including MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and Oracle 8i.

System Architect (on-site)


Cambridge, MA
2006 - 2009

Designed and implemented a custom CMS on top of LAMP technologies to allow audio and video content aggregation, conversion, and distribution to mobile devices. Using Smarty templates and internal caching reduced server costs and saved on CDN fees. OOP-centric development, built with a custom AJAX library, simplified creation of a dynamic user interface and social network integration.

Senior Architect/Project Manager

Voxware, Inc.

Princeton, NJ
1994 - 2000

Designed and implemented VoiceLogistics, Voxware's client/server based speech recognition product (see U.S. Patent US6662163). The client is a wearable computer running an XML browser that communicates to a web server using a highly optimized CGI request. Instituting an extensive documentation and testing methodology helped coordinate the disparate components and save development time and costs.

Systems Developer

Legent, Inc. (now Computer Associates)

New York, NY
1989 - 1994

Worked on XCOM 6.2, a file transfer product that uses IBM's APPC protocol to send files, print requests, and batch jobs between 28 different operating systems. Spent three months in Tokyo, implementing a custom character-based windowing system for DOS and OS/2 that would run on Japanese hardware (PS/55, AX, and NEC platforms). Designed and co-authored the Windows 3.0 version of the program.

Data Communications Manager

News Election Service

New York, NY
1987 - 1989

Managed the network operation for NES, a news pool that handled transmission of election results to ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, and UPI over 56k bi-sync leased line connections. Implemented a back-up strategy in anticipation of total failure of main system, using MegaData computer hardware running Unix SVR2. Software was written using SQL against an Unify database.


PromoVision, Inc.

New York, NY
1984 - 1987

Wrote communications software to dynamically update computers using asynchronous modems or one-way satellite transmissions with a complex windowing algorithm to handle lossy network conditions.

» Education

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Columbia University

New York, NY
1989 - 1993

Associate of Applied Science, Design Drafting

Queensborough College

Queens, NY
1983 - 1987
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