Top Five SEO Optimizations That This Site Needs

Our website redesign might look finished, but there’s plenty of small issues that need to be addressed – here’s a list of the SEO tasks. Can a todo list become an article?

Birthday Facelift

StripedCow 2000

StripedCow celebrates the big “one oh” and decides you’re never too young for a facelift. Here’s a few of the technical and design decisions that we made to bring our corporate website into the present.

Reinsurance Tool

Developed a sophisticated tracking system for insurance policies sold for new and used vehicles. Used custom PHP extensions to handle communication with a proprietary parts database and implemented a sophisticated security system to handle multiple users.


Applet Programmer Realtime Video Content

Revamped the VideoSave website, a site that allows video to be streamed from security cameras. The project used an Oracle database backend for security and was implemented using Java Server Pages.

Microsoft.NET, Interland, and Netscreen

Created a series of “wizard-like” data entry tools that shows ROI on different product solutions. Heavily dynamic pages, using DHTML for user interactions and a Java applet to act as a persistent datastore. See the Phormion web site for examples.


Design for Search Engine Optimization Marketing Promotion

The Optiant website was designed by Hull Creative and was implemented using Active Server Pages. Several technical challenges were handled to deploy corporate whitepapers.

Boston Harbor Islands

Cross Browser Lightweight CMS Easy Interface

Updated the Park Management section of this award-winning site using a lightweight content management solution that was designed to increase SEO placement. Note that the current version of the site has been redesigned and is currently using a different CMS.