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Klickids was developing plush toys and needed upscale marketing to differentiate their toy from others. A pilot for an animated TV show was created and a website was designed to support the launch of the toys.

There were two figures picked out – Frankie and Coco. These were built as prototypes to show the capabilities of the toys.

One of the major features of the Cocci plush toys was the ability to customize the audio that the dolls would play.

StripedCow Technology Group worked to build the module that would allow kids to enter text sentences and have the phrases converted to audio for playback on the doll.

Dynamic Content Form Input Trust RankThe text is typed into a standard HTML form and a CGI program gets called when the submit button is clicked. This CGI program was written in C/C++ in order to lower the CPU complexity and to facilitate integration with third-party toolkits.

A Text to Speech (TTS) engine is used to create audio. The audio is transformed to sound like a female cartoon character, and then converted to a standard MP3 file [hear an audio sample]