Multimedia Content Management System

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Opus3media needed a custom set of tools so their employees could easily aggregate audio and video files. The system also allowed maintenance of an end-user web portal, using a WYSIWYG editor to lay out the menu and “drag and drop” various elements around. The complexity was minimized by carefully designing a system that would be easy to develop and flexible to extend.

A custom AJAX subsystem was coded to tie into the data model that was used by the PHP server to facilitate editing records from the MySQL database. This technique simplified the JavaScript and PHP code, as well as code reuse for objects comprising the foundation of the server system.

CMS Dynamic Database Content RSS Aggregation IntranetOne of the design goals was to minimize system requirements, so additional support code was written to archive large data assets in an intelligent way. By reducing the number of physical files that were required, storage capabilities were maximized eliminating costly hardware upgrades.

An extensive caching mechanism was built using the Smarty templates library for PHP. To even further reduce network requirements, virtual file tracks were designed, allowing the right data to be sent to the right device with minimal overhead – caching the file and delivering it from an inexpensive CDN system if at all possible.