Design for Search Engine Optimization Marketing Promotion

Using Microsoft Active Server Pages, StripedCow created a clever solution to a tricky usability problem.

Optiant wanted to protect whitepaper and demo downloads so that users would have to register before downloading the file. The goal was to collect marketing data on potential customers.

Optiant didn’t want to implement a full-blown user login system, but wanted to track when people viewed the documents. The solution was to require the user to enter information the first time, then store a cookie on browser.

CGI ASP Form Whitepaper Download Security RegistrationThe cookie lasts for 90 days and the user can view any files without having to re-enter information. The form is automatically bypassed, giving the viewer a more pleasant browsing experience.

All user information is stored in a Microsoft Access database and subsequent visits are also recorded. The system also tracks what the user has viewed, which helps the Optiant sales team market their products more effectively.