Applet Programmer Realtime Video Content

StripedCow revamped the VideoSave website, replacing the existing interface with a more streamlined and polished look.

VideoSave is a video storage company, which captures feeds from video surveillance cameras. Security is paramount and the system was designed to handle multiple levels of user authority.

An Oracle database keeps track of the video from the different cameras, the buildings, the users, and administrators. The web site uses this data to only display the camera feeds that were appropriate to a given person.

System Security Video Camera Dynamic HTMLThe page is generated using Java Server Pages (JSP) and JDBC calls to an Oracle 8i database.

The user can select one of the available cameras and a window appears displaying a real-time video feed from the camera. A Java Applet is embedded in the page and has full VCR-like controls for viewing the video stream.

Oracle System Development Page OptimizationThe HTML form at the bottom of the page allows the viewer to select a time and date in the past to view. This permits the user to look for a particular event that might have taken place.